Estate helps manage the details of your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Reliable, Long-Term Clients

Access weekly or monthly customers who reliably keep appointments, all managed by the Estate concierge.

More Clients. More Jobs.

Estate proactively sends seasonal bookings to you for new and existing clients (like leaf and snow removal).

Get Paid Instantly

Right after you complete a job, you’ll get paid via Estate. Billing is fast, secure and consistent.

90% of Estate jobs are weekly or monthly bookings. Access reliable and long-term clients.

Available exclusively to Garden City service providers.

Estate is like a sales, marketing, billing and operations team all in one.
Step 1
Accept jobs sent to you each week. Most are long-term weekly or monthly jobs!
Step 2
Manage bookings and your team in one place.
Step 3
Get paid instantly through the app.

Hi! I'm Jamie, the Founder of Estate

I love my home. But I love my family and life more. It always frustrated me that so much of my free time had to be spent managing my home, rather than enjoying it. So I created Estate, a Property Manager for everyone.

I can’t wait to hear what you do with all your extra time!

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